Eloquent Erin?

(Shit Erin says)

-I just want a professor like Eddie Izzard. I may be asking too much of the educational system but it’s what I want and I’m ready to throw a tantrum over it.

-I’d say I want to grow up to be like Linda Belcher, but I’m pretty sure I already have.

-So apparently everyone I know thinks I eat like a stoner. Not sure what to do with that information.

-I just ordered three more wigs..My name’s Erin and I have a problem.

-Namaste, Bitches.

-Sometimes I do lunges on my way to the pantry to get the bag of chips I intend to eat (and that’s the whole bag, thank you very much) to try to find some balance.

-On my 8035.33rd day on Earth, I shall be watching Robert Downey Jr. movies and doing laundry. Whoop whoop!


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