Adventures in Beekeeping (Inspecting)

Well, guess there are a couple of bees living in the hive!

This was my first real inspection, pulling the frames out to see what they were up to. They were creating comb on the plastic frames I gave them. From too much research, I was worried they wouldn’t like the plastic frames, but I had sprayed them with bee stimulant and apparently it’s working. I’m not going to lie, for some reason I thought they would be building faster.

I gave them another bottle of sugar water (I’m positive this was a better batch) in hopes that that will help them build. I’ve also planted some veronica, oregano, and lavendar along with the plants I already had. So this will be the last sugar water bottle so they will do more foraging.

I have NEVER been able to spot the queen in a large cluster. Ever. It’s been something I’ve always been sort of nervous about. So I was searching for brood (baby cells for those of you that aren’t bee obsessed but still read my blog) and I definitely saw a large pattern when I first placed the nuc frames in the hive. But this time, the bees were all over the place and made it hard to see.


In one of the plastic frames where they were starting to build comb, I saw a slightly raised area of comb. Now, when the bees create queen cells for a new queen, the comb is raised in a peanut-like design. I immiately worried that this is what I was seeing but again, the bees covered it so I couldn’t get a good look. And I was trying not to mess with them too much this time.

So I’ve recruited my father (who grew up with bees) to come look at them and make sure everything is okay in there. Yeah, not too much was accomplished on this visit into the hive. But I still haven’t been stung, so there’s that.


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