Adventures in Beekeeping (The Lawn)

Over the weekend the Significant Otter mowed the lawn, completely avoiding the hive because A) He has firmly stated he wants nothing to do with them and B) he’s slightly afraid of getting stung.


So today I decided to mow the lawn (before 10am so I could beat some of the heat).  Partically because it needed it, but mostly because I’m afraid to walk around in two inch long grass. Now I know that it’s better to have a taller lawn with bees, but hat whole snake phobia I have gets pretty stupid with grass.. Not to mention the ticks this season..

I changed into brighter clothes (a big problem with beekeeping is that most of my wardrobe is made up of black clothing). And for the most part, I avoided the hive. I focused on the area around my garden so the bees could get used to the sound of the mower.

As I mowed closer to the hive, I saw a good number of bees huddled on the edge of the hive (an area I like to call the bee porch). As I passed by, they stared at the big, rattling machine.

The way they stared, I can only imagine, through the buzzing the lawn mower makes, they were wondering what kind of giant bee was passing by their home.

“Mother?” One or two might have questioned for a moment.

Alright, alright, I know that’s probably not it. But it made me chuckle to watch them stare at me. Usually I’m the one staring in awe at their movements, but today I was their object of facsination. Or at least the big red monster bee was.

I wasn’t stung at all (still haven’t been)! So one more hurtle accomplished.

Be(e) happy.



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