Adventures in Beekeeping (Week 1)

It’s been a week since the bees landed. I may have checked in on them a few times more than I said I would..

But they were drinking the sugar water, they were bringing in pollen, and what looked like drawing out more comb in the new frames.

The significant otter won’t go near them, as I said he wouldn’t have to. He mows far away from the hive and watches them fly in and out from the safety of the window. He thought it was interesting how many there were flying around until nightfall, when they disappeared back into the warmth of the hive.

It’s been pretty gray this week, this being one of the first really sunny days. This was a concern of mine but I figured the bees would survive a few days without sun. And I guess I was right. They are surviving.

Today they are doing a lot of wandering. Many of them flying in and out of the hive. I’m having a hard time not digging my little mits in to watch them. My next hive is definitely going to be a flow hive so I can sit in front of it and watch them work.


Be(e) well, everyone.

Hehe.. bee puns..

Expect more of those.


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