Adventures in beekeeping (the beginning)

The bees have arrived!

I’ve been waiting and worrying for months now and now it’s finally time. I feel like a new parent, really excited and really terrified that I might kill them.

We picked them up on Saturday. The nuc was a small white, humming container only held together by one piece of tape.

Dressed in full suits, my mother held a camera while I cut into the tape and opened the box. Moving slowly, with what I now realize was too little smoke, I reached in.

A friend who had gotten her package of bees a few months earlier told me my hands were going to shake. But as I reached into the box, wearing only one glove because somewhere in the excitement I had lost the second, my hands were oddly steady and gentle. I’m still proud of that.

I was surprised how calm I felt as I raised the frames from the box, bees starting to fly around and examine their surroundings. I had no fear as they flew around my head and landed on my arms. I got all the frames into the hive and no one got stung. Success.

Two days later, the bees are still existing in the hive and are even bringing in pollen!

It felt like interacting with any other animal: no harm, send them love, and don’t piss them off. Maybe I can actually pull this off.

Here we go!



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