Dark Times, Commrad

It’s only a matter of time,

Shh, you shouldn’t type that

Say that

Think that, Commrad

We as a country love our savior

Did you catch that?

*Lean in close so tea kettle microphone can hear*


We aren’t ashamed

We aren’t afraid

I don’t worry what I’m going to tell my children

When they ask me what we did

To stop the oncoming war

The crisis that was set so neatly

In front of our eyes

So shiny we called it a prank

No one’s laughing now

Only a matter of time,

Women are scrambling to learn krav maga

Terrified of the neighbor

With the red america ball cap

Scientists are dispensing data like confetti

Tossing knowledge into the air

In hopes someone might catch on

Before their studies and statistics

Are silenced forever

Only a matter of time,

In school we each wrote papers on the great wars

We all learned the exact recipe for a dictator

We memorized the formula for disaster

And yet here we stand, on the pages

Of history books that have yet to be written

What will I say when my daughter

Asks me what we did?

I will reply: We watched

We stared in horror and disblief

As our nation opened up its jaws and swallowed itself


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