Stockholm Syndrome

Enough, enough I said

No use sympathizing with

Someone who can’t empathize

I’m tired of waking up to arthritis each night

Wondering if you’re alright

Stressing my shoulders while you

Play out your Romeo and Juliet game


No no, Madam

Get your words out of her mouth

I’m not having that conversation

I don’t talk to snakes

You see I’ve got a phobia of reptiles

And it makes me distrustful


This doesn’t sound like you

“It is”

This doesn’t sound like you!

I need proof

When you cut and color your hair

It makes it hard to recognize you

Guess that’s why it’s a called a disguise


Please don’t confuse punishment with abuse

The two are not one and the same

Little girl, you’re playing a dangerous game

I’m going to need to see some ID

If you want to sit at the adult table


When you burn all your bridges

You have to learn to swim

So keep treading water

Like father like daughter


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