Psychology, my dear, Watson

From the first time I saw the anime Escaflowne, I was captivated by tarot cards. The character Hitomi, who really wasn’t that special, was made fascinating by her ability to read the colorful cards.

My first deck was about an inch in length, an attachment to a tarot book. I did readings for my fellow fourth graders during recess.

My first real deck, which I had to work and save up for, was a Celtic deck. My mother suggested I get a more basic deck to start with but I was adamant that this was the deck for me. The designs were gorgeous but it wasn’t a conventional deck, having different terminology and symbols. While I loved the Celtic deck, it was very difficult to relate to and I found it hard to use.

I then bought a conventional deck, thinking if I had a basic one I would be able to memorize the cards. While this tactic did work, I never fell in love with the cards. I read in a tarot book that different cards will appeal to different kinds of people, so I had hope and continued my search.

A few years ago I found a deck, I found the deck. I found cards that I could fall in love with. Since finding this deck, readings have been fluid and fun.

People are always funny when I say I like tarot cards. “You believe that kind of stuff? But you’re so science driven…”

Interestingly enough, the people who usually give these remarks are the ones who want me to do a reading for them. They’re always amazed when the cards fit their specific situation, ignoring the fact that I could be making up whatever answer I want. The same people who won’t listen to common sense will have a revelation with the flip of a card, even if they scoffed a minute before. It’s a fascinating process and defined: psychology.

I’m more inclined to use alternative therapies in my counseling practice so my father made a joke that I should incorporate tarot cards as well since it seems to help people reach difficult cognitive ideas much quicker.

Using tarot cards makes the reader feel like they are having a conversation with the universe when it’s really just a conversation with themselves that they were avoiding.

Who knows, maybe someday I will be prescribing tarot decks as a therapy tool.


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