Why I Pierced My Nose

I have never had anyone complain about any of my ear piercings, even my daith piercing. But when I pierced my nose, I kept hearing nasty comments. And not from children or teenagers, adults were the ones being rude.

I found it confusing and aggravating to have grown adults pointing out how ugly I had made my face. An understandable response, I think. Whether someone likes my piercing or not, it’s not necessary to comment. That old standby: if you don’t have anything nice to say.. ¬†Interestingly, the one very conservative friend has never made a comment about the piercing. I even thanked her for that unknown kindness, her response “I don’t care”.

I waited a long time to pierce my nose. The biggest reason being that I never liked my nose and I thought it couldn’t pull off jewelry. I have a long nose with a bit of a hook at the end, the perfect witches nose, actually (something I’ve now come to appreciate).

So when I finally did accept my nose, I wanted to commemorate and celebrate it.

And I did that by piercing it. It was really exciting, and liberating. When people tell me that I’ve ruined my face, it’s disrespectful and makes me self-conscious about my nose all over again. The piercing was for me and only me, it was an act of kindness to myself.

I was giving myself jewelry to say “You’re pretty”, which I believe was more important than any jewelry a boy might give me.


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