Groomsmaid Grief

A good friend of mine is getting married soon and I’ve been trying to arrange a wedding shower for him. Now most of the groomsmaids are sweet and willing to help in any way possible.

The maid of honor is away at school getting ready to graduate so she’s pretty busy and we all understand that. Groomsmaid #2 is ready to help with anything at the drop of a hat. And then there’s groomsman #3….

She’s been in other weddings with friends of mine so I’d been warned about how messy this could get. All of us have been planning this shower through a group Facebook message, GM3 ignoring the messages all the way. So when I finally got a hold of her and the date we picked didn’t work for her, I wasn’t very sympathetic. Working around multiple schedules is difficult, so when we found a day that worked for everyone it was as if all the pieces were falling into place.

When I wouldn’t change the date, GM3 threatened to ruin the surprise for our Groom. Now I don’t take threats well, if this were solely my event I would have shut her out completely. But I knew that she was ready to dial our Groom and scream at him. He has anxiety and I wasn’t about to let her yell at him and upset him (the whole point is to make him happy).

This is a girl that if we were ever going anywhere, I told her to show up three hours earlier than what I told everyone else and she’d still be an hour late. We’re all pooling resources to get decorations, invitations and venue, but I don’t dare ask her for anything for fear she won’t deliver.

I’ve now changed the date four times. And I’m seriously considering changing it one more time and keeping it from her. But this isn’t about me, so I’m trying to place nice.

We all grew up together, so this behavior isn’t surprising in the slightest but it’s still upsetting. I’ll keep it together for the sake of our Groom, but if GM3 pulls anything else..

I’ll play nice, for now.


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