Apocalypse Weather

Street lamps splash pavement with light while quiet footsteps

Land on concrete with little thought of placement

Horror movie plot is enough to keep them moving through the empty ally

Shadows lick up their ankles like black kittens as apartment doors lock up for the night

With chilly fingers and thin fabrics, inside jokes are used in place of mittens

A sloping driveway winds down past the backdoor of the town pub

Now shut up like tomb

Stone steps two at a time, fog rolling in across the grass like waves

Time to run

Sprinting through the wide field, laughter echoing out against the space like birdcalls

Hair swinging over shoulders as cheeks turn red

The air is noticeably colder as they reach the riverside, like stepping into an industrial fridge

Sucking in air as they sit on the edge of the broken bridge, they each secretly imagine

Jumping from this height


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