Freedom is Letting Go

This year has been a difficult one, as angsty as that may sound.

The year of complications isn’t over, I recognize the oncoming obstacles on the horizon. But the most difficult aspect has been the lack of support that I once had. I have had to grow through my independent struggle and this is probably a blessing but it’s often hard to see.

I’ve had to redefine myself to fit the transition my life has fallen into and I’ve had to redefine my impression of the ones I love. The only constant in life is change, but it’s hard to adapt one’s image of a person and excruciating when it’s someone who’s image has been seared into your brain. Or perhaps I am the one who has changed and simply can’t see the change for proximity.

Maybe growing up is realizing that friends aren’t forever. People keep turning like the planets that orbit around the sun. And how silly it would be to try to keep the Earth from spinning.


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